Monday, August 24, 2009

Digital Transcription

Service providers offering digital transcription can help make a medical practice more productive. A doctor can dictate a patient encounter quickly. With the click of a button that digital voice file will be transferred to an electronic system such as the one offered by R+B Sten-Tel, where the doctor’s note will be transcribed by a fully trained and experienced Medical Transcriptionist (MT). The client will receive their finished report over a secure web connection.

Other benefits are that many digital dictation and transcription systems are embedded with additional features such as backend Voice Recognition technology and Discrete Reportable Transcription (DRT). Most also have the ability to interface with hospital systems and EHR technology, delivering reports directly. With digital transcription workflow technology, R+B Sten-Tel is able to provide services to clients from coast-to-coast even while headquartered just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The impact to clients goes beyond productivity as it also can help improve quality and patient care.

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