Friday, October 30, 2009

EMR Integration

I recently had conversations with consultants where I learned a lack of awareness on their part as it relates to the capabilities of medical transcription companies to help them and their clients be more successful.  It is important for those involved in helping the medical community adopt such technology that they are also aware of solutions which can help physicians overcome some of the shortfalls in EMR technology.

One EMR consultant said his objective in helping clients identify and implement the right EMR solution is to find one which limits the disruptions in how they practice today.  In many instances, his clients have dictated for a long time and would like to continue doing so, but he was unaware of our abilities to integrate into EMR systems and deliver dictated data directly into the patient record.  With this knowledge he can be more successful in meeting his clients needs while helping them adopt the right technology for their practice.

The bottom line is that dictation is up to 9 times faster than direct text entry according to the AC Group.  Furthermore, according to a study performed by MTIA, medical transcription maintains 98% accuracy vs. 85% direct text entry and voice recognition combined.  If a medical practice cannot afford these gaps then a consultant should be prepared to advise their clients continue dictating by using a service organization who can seamlessly integrate with their chosen technology.

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