Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Advantages of EMR Transcription: R+B Sten-Tel can Integrate with Your EMR

Did you know that integrating transcription into your EMR can help save you time and money while improving the quality of your electronic documentation? Studies suggest that direct data entry into an EMR by a physician can reduce a clinician’s productivity by up to 9 times compared to traditional transcription.

However, taking a hybrid approach by integrating the two, clinicians can achieve optimal productivity. The realized productivity results in cost savings along with additional opportunities by allowing for more time devoted to quality patient care.

Medical Transcriptionists are held to scoring metrics and standards with a documentation accuracy rating of 98% or above. Contrastly, many studies have found direct data entry and speech recognition averaging 85% accuracy. The quality of medical records improve with the help of a medical transcriptionist, where as part of their responsibilities reports are edited and errors are changed or flagged for clinicians to review.

R+B Sten-Tel is able to integrate with your EMR, helping clients achieve optimal productivity and quality.

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