Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Texas Medical Association - EMR Survey

The Texas Medical Association released their Fall 2009 EMR survey which revealed a number of interesting issues. It said that 50% cited awkward or time-consuming data input and it was what they liked the least about their system. Digging deeper, the survey found that physicians in larger practices are more likely to report data entry is difficult.

The EMR products with the largest numbers of users are EPIC - 14%, e-MDs - 10%, Allscripts - 10%, Centricity - 8%, NextGen - 8%, and eClinicalWorks - 8% along with many others.

Practices that evaluate and implement these products seldom understand these usability gaps ahead of time, nor realize integrated transcription solutions can fill them. Furthermore, 22% cited lost productivity due to the use of their EMR product.

Medical Transcription has traditionally been the method clinicians have used to document patient encounters. With transcription being today's fastest and most accurate method for documentation it is imperative that practices understand that integrated transcription solutions are available to them. R+B Sten-Tel along with its technology partners are integrated with many of these solutions to offer ease-of-use and meet productivity shortfalls.

The bottom line is that when a physician is required to document a narrative they should have the tools at their disposal to do it effectively in the shortest period of time while maintaining the integrity of the data. The transcription industry has worked hard to build these integrated platforms. Clinicians should know this technology is available to them as a benefit to save time and money.

Integrated transcription will assist a practice to reach a more successful implementation and achieve practical use out of their systems. EMR technology is very meaningful, but the technology itself should not be a barrier for physicians to practice medicine. Many of the complaints about these technologies can be met with integrated transcription platforms by improving productivity, ease-of-use and quality.

Care360 by MedPlus a Quest Diagnostics Company

The Care360 EHR by MedPlus, a Quest Diagnostics company offers a variety of methods to document patient encounters including direct data entry and voice recognition.  Care360 users now have the ability to dictate narrative sections of a patient encounter through transcription, which is still today's fastest and most accurate form of documentation.  Any structured section of a patient encounter can be dictated to save time and ensure a high level of accuracy.  That dictated section is then typed by a trained EMR transcriptionist and delivered back into the corresponding section of the practice's Care360 EHR. 

If you are a Care360 user, call R+B Sten-Tel today at 888-744-4479 and learn more about how we can help you better utilize your EHR by increasing clinician productivity and ensuring your documentation achieves the highest level of quality.

Monday, February 15, 2010

How To Get More Out Of Your EMR?

My clients have shared stories similar to what many of the studies are suggesting; after a "successful" EMR implementation productivity is reduced by as much as two patients per clinician each day.  Many who utilize EMRs are not necessarily aware of the alternatives which exist to enter the data into a patient's record.

Many transcription service organizations, including R+B Sten-Tel and it's partners have developed technology to bridge that gap.  By interfacing with EMR and delivering the data into the patient's record, clinicians have the choice to dictate, which is still the fastest and most cost effective method of patient visit documentation.

Some may have concerns that by utilizing a transcription service organization, the data is not immediately available. This is true, but there are customizable options available to meet the needs of a practice and should not be a deterrent.

R+B Sten-Tel's technology partners have interfaced with many of the leading EMRs on the market today including Allscripts, Care360, eClinicalWorks, NextGen and SRSsoft just to name a few.