Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Care360 by MedPlus a Quest Diagnostics Company

The Care360 EHR by MedPlus, a Quest Diagnostics company offers a variety of methods to document patient encounters including direct data entry and voice recognition.  Care360 users now have the ability to dictate narrative sections of a patient encounter through transcription, which is still today's fastest and most accurate form of documentation.  Any structured section of a patient encounter can be dictated to save time and ensure a high level of accuracy.  That dictated section is then typed by a trained EMR transcriptionist and delivered back into the corresponding section of the practice's Care360 EHR. 

If you are a Care360 user, call R+B Sten-Tel today at 888-744-4479 and learn more about how we can help you better utilize your EHR by increasing clinician productivity and ensuring your documentation achieves the highest level of quality.

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