Monday, February 15, 2010

How To Get More Out Of Your EMR?

My clients have shared stories similar to what many of the studies are suggesting; after a "successful" EMR implementation productivity is reduced by as much as two patients per clinician each day.  Many who utilize EMRs are not necessarily aware of the alternatives which exist to enter the data into a patient's record.

Many transcription service organizations, including R+B Sten-Tel and it's partners have developed technology to bridge that gap.  By interfacing with EMR and delivering the data into the patient's record, clinicians have the choice to dictate, which is still the fastest and most cost effective method of patient visit documentation.

Some may have concerns that by utilizing a transcription service organization, the data is not immediately available. This is true, but there are customizable options available to meet the needs of a practice and should not be a deterrent.

R+B Sten-Tel's technology partners have interfaced with many of the leading EMRs on the market today including Allscripts, Care360, eClinicalWorks, NextGen and SRSsoft just to name a few.

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