Thursday, April 15, 2010

Top 10 Barriers to a Successful EHR Implementation

John Halamka, MD gave his students at Harvard School for Public Health a project to create a Top 10 list of Barriers to Successfully Implement an EHR.  Here are a few they came up with and the full story can be found on his Life as a Healthcare CIO:

10. Usability - products are hard to use and not well engineered for clinician workflow.

8. Fear of lost productivity - clinicians are concerned they will lose 25% of their productivity for 3 months after implementation. Administrators are worried that the clinicians are right.

6. Interoperability - applications do not seamlessly exchange data for coordination of care, performance reporting, and public health.

2. Cost - the stimulus money does not flow until meaningful use is achieved. Who will pay in the meantime?

View John Halamka, MD's blog at Life As a Healthcare CIO.

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